Grant Guidelines
and Application

LANPP Award:  Description
Playwright/production awards of up to $40,000 are available in two parts: a $20,000 award to playwrights for new, unproduced plays, and a follow-up award to producers of up to $20,000 for the play’s premiere production. The play must go into production within eighteen months of the announcement of the award. The premiere must take place in Los Angeles County and be presented by a small-to-mid-sized theatrical producing entity (under $2 million annual expenses). Note that, to be eligible, plays may have been presented as a workshop but must not yet have been fully produced. Playwrights need not be Los Angeles-based.

How to Apply:  Producers Are the Lead Applicants
Applicants to LANPP are producers of Los Angeles-based, small to midsized theater who, in partnership with a playwright, plan to produce the premiere of a new play. The producer applies jointly on behalf of both the playwright and the premiere production. Producers may not submit more than one play per application period.

We accept scripts for submissions beginning June 1, 2021.
Deadline for submissions is AUGUST 1, 2021, 5pm PDT

 Application forms may be downloaded by clicking here. (Right click the link and save to your computer.)

The application materials include:

  • Playscript in MS Word or PDF format;
  • Playwright’s resume;
  • Narrative from  producer about the proposed production, including: (i) producer history; (ii) detail about the proposed production (venue, director, etc). Inclusion of production detail will strengthen the application.
  • Commitment from the producer to commence rehearsals within 18 months of announcement of award.

Selection Process
Plays submitted by producers will be reviewed in a competitive peer review process by a panel selected by LANPP. Multiple awards may be granted in any one year. All decisions of the panel are final. Plays that do not receive an award in a particular cycle may be re-submitted in subsequent cycles.

Producers in Los Angeles County with an annual operating budget of no more than $2 million are eligible to apply in collaboration with a playwright on behalf of an unproduced play.

Selection Criteria
Panel scores will be based primarily on:

  • Quality of writing, including cultural merit and contemporary relevance.
  • Quality of artistic vision contemplated for the proposed production.

In the event that the producer becomes unable to produce the play within 18 months of the announcement of the award, the playwright may take the play and the production award to another producer. LANPP staff and the original producer must agree to the proposed change.