Welcome to the Los Angeles New Play Project (LANPP) website.

LANPP is an award program established in 2020 to help support original work presented on the Los Angeles stage. By offering two-tiered, interconnected grants of $20,000 to the playwright and up to an additional $20,000 to help support the production of the winning play, LANPP hopes to contribute to exciting, high-quality original work on the small and mid-sized stages of Los Angeles County.

LANPP grants are intended to encourage the production of new and untried plays and attract excellence in playwriting to the Los Angeles Theater community. Theater producers are invited to submit their best new play under consideration for production in an upcoming season. Through a distinguished peer panel review process, LANPP will identify and reward the strongest plays submitted.

In providing financial support to the high-risk arena of new work production, LANPP hopes to:

  • Positively influence artistic standards
  • Help reinforce the Los Angeles region’s significance as an international center of creativity for the performing arts
  • Challenge contemporary audiences with the important debates of our time
  • Support voices that have been silenced, neglected, or less-understood

In addition to the grant program for playwrights and producers, LANPP also supports the UCLA/Geffen Playhouse Internship Program, which places recently graduated UCLA Theater students in internship positions at the Geffen Playhouse.