In a collaboration between EST/LA and Chalk Rep, Two Stop and Pang Spa will be produced together during the same period in Spring 2024. 

David Johann Kim
Two Stop and Pang Spa playwright, David Johann Kim


“My heart is filled to the brim with gratitude that LANPP had the vision to award game-changing grants to support and amplify the voices and stories of LA based playwrights and theatres. More and more clearly, we see the previously limiting notion of New York being the main source for innovative theatre and LA being the main source of TV/film production completely dissolving in our post Covid world. Creative centers of influence have been and continue to bloom all across the country, and LANPP is helping to shine the light on the wealth of talent and craftwork that LA Theatre has to offer. 

LANPP was vital in giving BOTH AND (a play about laughing while black) its initial life at the Boston Court Theatre. I hope this show can continue to illustrate the mission of LANPP and, fingers crossed, it can have a robust life into the future. I can’t wait for the next round of LANPP awardees.”-Playwright, Carolyn Ratteray

“I personally am so grateful for the grant as we truly could not have made the play without it. From compensating crew, designers and cast, to paying for space, building the set, securing PR and marketing materials, we really needed the grant to be able to realize the play. It was a play I was not sure anyone would take a chance on. And I was so grateful that Ammo did. Also, to make it coming out of the pandemic, and being able to share this story with an all BIPOC cast with my hometown Los Angeles theater community was very special. The grant allowed me to be in the room for the entirety of the rehearsal period. I’m so grateful to LANPP for giving us the two-pronged grant to help us make REVENGE PORN OR THE STORY OF A BODY. It’s so insightful of LANPP to support both the playwright and production, which is so rare.”- Playwright, Carla Ching

Applications for LANPP’s 2023-24 grants will be available beginning April 1, 2024. Deadline for submission will be June 1, 2024. Check back here in March for instructions on how to apply and a link to the application.